Atomica Deluxe


Create molecules in this addictive game


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Atomica Deluxe is a puzzle game where we will have to put the disordered atoms we will find on screen in groups of four.

The sound and the graphic design are pretty good. It will convince you if you are a fan of this kind of games, and if you are not, it may like you, because it is really addictive.

Do you remeber those boring chemical classes in school? this have nothing to do with that. I wish all atoms and molecules i had to study were like this.

Try to do combos to gain more points. As always, at the beginning, the game is easy, but as long as you pass some levels, the game is difficult, sometimes very difficult, and that’s what is good for this game.

Simple but addictive, download it and have a nice weekend in front of your computer!

It doesn’t allows you to save the game.

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